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Aurora and the Thief

Aurora isn’t the well-mannered, picture-perfect princess her fairy tale paints her out to be. She never bothered to brush her hair, got dirt on her dresses, and was always in fights. She also loved sword fighting, much to her father’s dismay.


When Aurora’s evil stepmother Elspeth kills her, Aurora’s servant casts a spell to bring her back from the dead and keep her safe until love’s true kiss wakes her from her sleep. 


Love’s true kiss comes in the form of Phillip, an immature thieving commoner on the run from the dashingly handsome Prince Adam. Masquerading as Prince Adam, Phillip agrees to help Aurora find her kingdom so that he can steal from it. 


But Aurora is in possession of a magical stone. A magical stone that Elspeth wants so desperately that she will stop at nothing to get it, including killing whoever stands in her way.


A middle-grade retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora and the Thief is a fun-filled adventure packed with witty banter, robbing kingdoms, magical battles, defeating evil enchantresses, and finding true love.

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