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#1 of The Hood Trilogy

A wealthy underachiever masquerades as Hood when he discovers the elite are exploiting the masses

18 year-old Robbie Locksley is a guy of privilege. Born into one of the four families who founded Quadrant, the new world at the turn of the twenty-fifth century, his future of elitism has been mapped out by his grandfather from before he was born. 


On graduation day, he learns of his father passing and returns home from boarding school to take his father’s place on the governing board of Quadrant.


Robin never gave much thought to his status or the masses beneath him.  But when he catches an impecunious in the midst of a break and enter on his estate and then witnesses the atrocities that General Nottingham, Sir Dale and Sir Gisborne are forcing the people to do when they don’t pay their levies, he begins to question the privileged life he was born into.


When Locksley’s trusted chaplain shows him a black cloak, the disguise his grandfather invented, he decides to masquerade as the infamous ‘Hood’ to bring justice to the impoverished in a corrupted world.

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